Lurker No More

Welcome Friends!

It feels awesome to have finally made the decision to start my own lifestyle blog! I am super pumped to start this journey and bring you all on this ride with me :-).

For the past few years I have aimlessly wandered and admired the healthy living and beauty/fashion communities in both blogging and vlogging form, (I am obsessed!). However, after a few years of lurking I felt it was time to become an active member of the community, thus LaBelle was born! My primary goal was to just take the plunge and get LaBelle started. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head as to how I want to format my blog and the focus for my blog, but rather than commit to anything I want LaBelle to grow naturally as I discover what interests me as well as you guys :-).

I can say though that  broader focus of my blog will be on leading a healthy and beautiful life full of delicious food, fitness and general beauty related things from beauty products, routines, opinions and natural ways to bring out inward and outward beauty.

So I invite you all to join me, let the journey begin.



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